Tuesday, June 2, 2009

an e-mail from my hk aunt

Hi Li Min

Thank you and your family for a lovely time in Penang. It is such a pleasure to have met you and having you as such a great assistant guide..... Your mom takes the credit of being the chief guide...

We had an easy flight back, though the plane was very full. We delivered the dried food stuff to my mother and she commented the stuff are very fresh and cheap. Again thanks to your mom who knows all the "lobang"

I hope you and your family have some time to rest now after an hectic week entertaining us.

I am so glad to see that you and Li Hern are such caring, friendly, obedient and most of all very responsible young adults. Such a pleasure to have met you two and am sure your parents are very proud of you two !!! I hope to see you two in very near future. you can plan a trip after your finals and as for your brother anytime....

Once again please thanks your parents for their super duper warm hospitality and all the delicious meals we were fed...Hope one day we could do the same....

Have a great holiday and keep in touch

Auntie lay tin

busy , busy , busy around here

it's been a long time since i posted my ideas in my blog , huh ? i guess it's because my life is pretty busy right now . lol . anyway , how is everyone ? It was my school's mid-year examination last week . i got to kinda busy as i'm having a big exam coming on end of the year. so this year is a busy year !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the loneliness that nearly eats me !

sometimes i lay on my bed clutching the sheets to myself as a sort of protective cocoon. thinking about the people around me, the people who don't know who i am, the people who don't care who i am and the people who just walk pass me anyway! argh! i sometimes feel stuck, lost, lonely and that would often allow myself to indulge in a little daydream. it is an imaginary escapade, releasing me from the reality and the everyday life i am leading. i would picture a happier me, in a happier place, where i wouldn't be invisible. i would be spending moments with someone who loves me for me, and i wouldn't have the slightest doubt that it is worth every seconds of my life. if this little daydreaming, could let me take a little break, a few minutes or even a few seconds away from my loneliness, why should i deny myself from it? It might be just an activity, which is unreal and imaginary, but i really relish that moment of not feeling alone. by the way, i just want someone to talk to and someone to turn to , just a friendly face . is not an extravagant claims right ?

Friday, February 20, 2009

school day

jia ling

shing ying and me

it's totally an arduous task for me to take this picture

i'm apt to learn . haha

meet Mr. Skull !

by the way , it's not a baby dinosaur

hands up !

it's me

a seal of friendship

Monday, February 16, 2009

janice's birthday

too bad . it was school day . however , we planned to hang out after school . the day after valentine's day is janice's birthday but we prefer to celebrate with her on valentine's day . lol
we were having mixed fruit cocktail in winter warmers . after finishing the drink , we went into
parkson .. we just looked around and since there was an empty fitting room , we rushed into the room and something happen... don't miscontrued my words .. lol..we were just trying to be a temporarily "stand model" , keep posing and smiling at the camera...i know it sounds weird but needn't create about it , we were just a little overstimulated than usual . =) Then , we were having dinner in nando's ..i've not ordered anything as my parents were going to fetch me for dinner..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hello there !

hello there =)
my name is li min and i'm new around here . well , please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.
i'm 17 , a student who is nervy and captious ,however i do look "affable" sometimes . haha
i love the day break just like i love my parents ,my brothers and my crony .
oh ya , the sad thing is i have a very disgusting nickname .you know what ? it's a kind of chinese tradisional food. "lobak" it means carrot in malay.how sad my life is huh . it's all because of my surname "loh" , somehow i'm still proud of it .. =)
that's all for today , time to bed .. have a good night .